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Business to start in Nepal under 50 thousand rupees

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Can you think of starting a business with only 50 thousand Nepali Rupees? It takes less money to start a business in Nepal. If we can do business with good earnings that can be commenced with only an investment of 50 thousand, most of us would jump at the chance. So, would you be interested in a business that requires only 50 thousand of your investment or less than that to make a good earning source? If you think there is a slight chance you would start the business, then let’s read the ideas of business that will require more of your commitment and creativity than your large investment.

Here I have divided the business ideas into five scenarios based on what you know or are interested in, what you do for a living, your education qualification, and your knowledge in a particular field.

First Case Scenario of business:

Let’s say you are a good learner with an interest and knowledge in Information technology. Now most of us have a laptop or mobile, and we need a stable and good internet connection. These are the two things that will be required for our business to start with 50 thousand rupees. Now we are all set to go and start a business:

a. Blogging:

Blogging is a short writing piece like the one you are reading. Many believe that to be a blogger; we must have a profound coding knowledge, which is only sometimes true. We can become a blogger without technical knowledge. We need to go to sites such as, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WordPress, Wix, etc., to create a blogging site with a subdomain that requires no money.  Then we have to write content on a particular niche.

Till now, we did not require a penny to start the business, we have a blog ready but have a very small audience; now we can use Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads to put our article on top of the search bar which will increase the traffic on our website. This is the only cost we must endure when creating a good blogging business. Now the traffic will turn into clicks on our page, and we can make a good income off Google AdSense and other affiliate marketing.

b. Social media Influencer and Manager:

Most of us are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and we don’t realize the power of social media. Instead of posting family photos and scrolling on Instagram for hours, we can create a business profile and upload content that can gain the audience’s interest. If we can reach about 5-8k followers on any social media site, we are more likely to earn a stable income through advertisement and from promotions. However, becoming an influencer is not for everyone, so there is also an alternative; we can start a business on social media management, also known as Digital Media Manager. Here, we don’t need to work on our accounts but approach potential customers and handle their social media accounts by posting their content on time, using appropriate hashtags, effects, and many other things for which they will pay us.

c. Freelancing:

Freelancing is doing specific work for a client without becoming a full-time worker. To start a business in freelancing, we need to have a profound knowledge of a particular niche, such as video editing, graphic designing, web development, etc. We can apply on freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Contra, etc., and showcase our work, creating a professional profile. The only investment in this business category is to acquire more customers or promote your business online, which can be covered by 50 thousand rupees.

Second Case Scenario of business:

If You are a teacher in a particular field or are an expert in the field of work you are involved in or have great operating knowledge. We can easily make a business out of that too.

a. Online Coaching and Tuition:

If you have good teaching skills, you must record your classes and upload those videos on sites such as DigitalGurkha, E-Tutor Class, Coursera, etc. Whenever someone watches your video, you will be paid on a commission basis. Likewise, you can also promote your classes using Google Ads and Social media ads to reach more audiences.

b. Vlogging/ YouTube:

You can also create a YouTube channel for free and then upload how-to videos and why videos to engage the audience and gain subscribers. YouTube is a huge platform where millions make money through their content and Ads. All you require to start a YouTube channel is a creative idea, engaging content, and, of course, a working computer along with a camera and stable internet.

c. Delivery:

With the rise of could kitchens and restaurants in Nepal, there is an opportunity for those who wish to start a delivery business. All you need is a working bike. You can contact the local restaurants to set aside a few percentage when you get them a customer and then deliver their items to customers’ homes. When you have created a good connection with local restaurants, you need to promote your service, for which you can use Google ads and print a few pamphlets.

d. Rider:

Nepalese ride-sharing platforms, such as Pathao and Tootle, require licensed riders. You can become a rider and make a good income by helping others to commute from one place to another. However, to become a rider you need a bike and should be a license holder. It is a successful business model in Kathmandu, as the companies only operate in the valley.

Third Case Scenario of Business:

If you want to stay in the house, have less educational qualification, and still want to work in a physical shop. We can start a business in the following manners:

a. Grocery Shop:

Women and Men who want to start a business at home and look after their house simultaneously can create a small grocery shop. Most Nepali households have a grocery shop that primarily sells instant foods such as Biscuits, noodles, milk, chocolates, etc. This business module also requires less investment and can be started with 50 thousand rupees.

b. Food Stall and Lunch Box:

Nepalese are known for their food; we can see a food stall when we enter the town. People with skills to cook start a food stall and sell two most selling dishes in Nepal: Chowmin and Momo. This business can be created with 50 thousand rupees as we need a stall and the ingredients required to cook the specific food. If you can cook tasty and healthy food in your booth, you can earn double your investment in a few months. Likewise, you can also start a lunch box business by getting contracts with companies, schools, etc. You can approach them to reach an agreement monthly and then provide a healthy lunch, and if they feel satisfied, the contract can be expanded for a year.

Even though the business mentioned above can be started with low investment, we need to remember that starting a business is not the difficult part; constant involvement and dedication are difficult and the only thing that can bring your business to success.

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