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Is Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro the Future of Smartphones?

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With the world jumping into the era of AI and its magic. Google has also recently introduced the upgraded and advanced version of Google Pixel. It has revolutionized the world of Smartphones and other gadgets by integrating AI and making it the core of the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro powered by Google Tensor G3.

Along with many first-time features on the smartphone. Google Pixel has offered seven years of software updates including Android OS upgrades, security updates, and other regular Feature Drops. Along with the most refined design, google has now opened the gate of AI integration into Smartphones changing the future of it.

Google Pixel 8 has a classy look with soft silhouettes, and perfectly rounded corners, and has a 6.2-inch Actua display. It comes in three different colors; Hazel, Rose, and Obsidian whereas the Pro version has a super-premium design with a matte glass finish that contrasts with the high gloss camera bar. The pro model has a 6.7-inch super Actua display. It also comes in three different colors; Bay, Porcelain, and Obsidian.

Actua and Super Actua displays are first time used in Google Pixel. Those displays are designed by Google and actually define the brightness of the display making Pixel boast the brightest display on a Google phone yet. Actua display makes the HDR images look like real life when placed in the sun’s direct light.

Let’s read about the major AI features that have become the attraction point for Google Pixel 8 and Pro.

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  1. Best Take

The selling point of the Google Pixel 8 and Pro model in my view is going to be the Best Take feature. When taking pictures, we take multiple of them thinking at least one might be okay. However, when taking a group or family photo, it becomes annoying to make everyone pose according to our wishes. So, Google has taken the decision to solve the issue and came up with the idea of Best Take. Here we can select the best image of our family members from multiple pictures and put them in one frame automatically.

  • Magic Editor on Google Photos

This AI feature is now much improved and enhanced. Google has been offering the magic eraser tool for some time now but the recent change can now not only erase objects. But can also change the background and help move objects in a frame.

  • Magic Sound Editor

Most vloggers spend days editing the background noise from their vlogs. It not only costs them time but also money. However, now with only a few clicks on Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. We can not only reduce but omit the background sound. No matter whether the sound is of a local train or a crowd of thousands of people. Pixel 8 can remove and boost the sound of the user clear and loud.

  • Other Amazing features

There are also several innovative AI features that can be very helpful in day-to-day life.

  • The Google Pixel 8 can now summarize any webpage and create an abstract for you to read and understand the webpage without having to spend hours going through all of them.
  • It can also read the summarized webpage and help you listen while doing other chores.
  • Pixel has now become more understanding of human dialect. If you were to think saying ‘umm’ it will wait for your command.
  • Pixel will now save you from the spammer. Say some unknown number calls then it will silently answer the call sounding more natural and ask the necessary questions to identify their intention. Pixel will then suggest you with prompt replies along with the caller’s reply on the incoming call display.

With the launch of the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, Google has also launched Pixel Watch 2. The smartwatch has the best of Fitbit and fitness tracking with a 100% recycled aluminum housing. It offers 24 hours of battery life after a single charge even with always on display and has a fast charge feature.

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