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How to change your Profile picture on Netflix?

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Netflix is a Streaming service where we pay on a subscription basis to get those services. It allows the paid member to watch TV shows and movies without commercials on their preferred internet-connected device.

When we subscribe to Netflix, we will have a unique username, pin, and profile that we can manage. They, by default, give you a smiley face profile picture when you first time purchase the service. Each user has a unique profile.

It allows you to change or modify your profile on their website. You can’t change your Profile on Netflix App, iOS, Android, Roku, or Xbox.

It allows us to change or modify our profile picture but only from the available list of icons, or we can use the characters of the shows/ movies available on Netflix.

In my research, I have found out that we can also customize Netflix profile pictures using the Chrome extension, but it only works on browsers where the extension is applied. This custom profile picture will not appear on other devices.

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There are two ways to change your profile picture on Netflix; let’s learn them:

1. Change your Profile from Netflix’s Website.


Navigate to in a web browser and log in to your account. You will arrive at your Netflix home screen.

Netflix home screen


Click the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open a drop-down menu. Click on “manage profile” in the drop-down Profile.

The manage profile Screen appears.

Netflix screen

Step 3:

Click the edit icon over the Netflix account you want to change the picture. The edit icon looks like a silhouette of a pencil. The edit profile screen for your profile appears.

Netflix screen 2

 Step 4:

Click the edit icon on the lower-left corner of the profile. Then choose a profile icon screen that appears. You will see a row of classic icons offered by Netflix that you can use on your profile. You’ll also see rows associated with characters from some of the most popular Netflix shows, we can choose a character and set it as our profile picture.

Netflix Screen 3

Step 5:

Click select the image you want to change your profile picture.

The ‘change profile icon’ screen shows with option you want your current profile picture and what you knew your Profile would look like after changing it.  

Click “Let’s do it” to move forward with changing your profile image.

You will return to the Edit Profile screen, where you’ll see your new Netflix profile image.

Netflix Screen 4

Step 6: 

Click “Save” to save your changes and return to the manage profile screen. Click done to return to the who’s watching the screen, where you’ll see your new Netflix profile image associated with your Profile.

Netflix Screen 5

2. Change Netflix Profile using Chrome extension.

To change our Profile using the Chrome extension, we need to first log in to our Netflix account on the Chrome browser.

Step 1:

Type Chrome Web Store on the browser, and the web store screen will appear.

Now Search For “Custom Netflix Profile” in the top left side Search box. And the extensions will appear. 

Step 2:

Click on the first option with the “Tm” sign above Netflix. Click on Add to Chrome to use the extension on your browser. 



Pin the extension to your browser screen to easily access it and change the Profile whenever you desire. 


Now, we will go to the page of our account, directly click on the puzzle icon on the top right corner of the screen, and click again on the “custom Netflix Profile” icon pinned on the browser, and a box will appear.


Select the Profile you need to change the shape for and click on the image. An upload box will appear where we can choose any custom image we want to use as our Profile. As shown, I have used my photo. We will select the image and click on open. 


At last, we need to refresh the page, and we will see the image as the desired customer profile. 

Congratulation! You now know how to change your profile picture on Netflix profile picture.


Let me summarize how you can change your profile picture on Netflix.

  1. Using the Netflix’s website and selecting the icons/ characters provided by them.
  2. Use the Chrome extension and customize the profile picture.

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