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Influence of Politics on Education System in Nepal

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Anshu Pathak
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Education determines the future of our country, the more literate, the more liberal we will be. But just like some autocratic monarchs, Politicians are using the strategy to provide education of no use so that you can't fight back and question their decision. Before many kings used to only permit education for the royals or the rich ones who were in the favour of royals, the public was not allowed to get an education. It's one of the main reasons why they ruled us. 

Today, countries with stable political situation such as America, Britain, Canada, Australia and more are rising their education level whereas we the developing countries with instable and corrupt political system are lacking on every aspect of development.

Things you can do to improve education system in Nepal are:

  • Joining in as volunteers for awareness programs.
  • Pressuring the government to change out dated educational system and adopt the progressive one.

But any of the suggestions only work when you all get together to bring change because its not a one person work it takes a village. 



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