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How to begin Affiliate Marketing Journey as an Absolute beginner?

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Anshu Pathak
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When we promote other products or services and people buy those products or services, we receive a certain percentage of commission which is known as Affiliate Marketing. In today's online world the easiest way to earn money is Affiliate Marketing. Now, I have divided the affiliate marketing process into three steps:

1. Choose an Affiliate product/ Service.

    To choose the best affiliate programs for beginners, go to and use the affiliate tool table. This affiliate tool table contains programs with a recurring commission, which means you will be paid in a recurring order. Select the program which you like, click on the link and just sign up. after signing up you will get a personal affiliate link. There! you have become an affiliate marketer. Congratulation!

2. Select a marketing method.

    Now, you will have to make people purchase those services or products using your link, we can use many different marketing methods:

     a. Social Media,

     b. Website,

     c. run a Google Ad ( The best one)

You can create an Instagram account and promote your link and make conversions. Similarly, you can create a landing page using free websites development sites like, and, and promote those landing pages using google ads. 

3. Dedicate to your work and see the change.

    give at least 10-15 minutes of your day to keep track of your affiliate links. You can use the program's own website to track your link or you can use a URL shortener and track your links from those sites.


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