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How to benefit from AI as a content writer?

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Article writing can be a hectic job when ideas don’t come to mind. We will today learn to use AI and ways to benefit from AI as a content writer. We can’t be productive all the time, however now that the world is accepting AI. Today we can write and create content for our platform within a few minutes using such Technologies. AI such as Chat Gpt, Bard, and Rankwizard are now trending in the market for providing answers to almost every question in real-time. In this article, we will learn about a free method to write articles for our website.

While there are many options available on the internet, I have tried Chat Gpt and Rankwizard to write SEO-optimized content. In my experience, Chat Gpt helps a lot to come up with new ideas however, it has a flaw i.e., it can’t give updated and real-time data and information. In contrast, though, Rankwizard can write SEO-optimized and ready-to-publish articles. Rankwizard’s feature of creating SEO articles with free images which is plagiarism free has won my vote. They wrote a 2000-word article within 2 minutes as per the given input.

Rankwizard AI

How To Use Rankwizard?

Upon visiting the site of Rankwizard, I came across a simple web design that is easy to understand and use. When sign in with Rankwizard we get two credits to create articles for free. However, they also have paid plans for the service provided, and if you want you can purchase the service according to your needs. Rankwizard also donates 1% of the revenue earned by them to combat climate change.

After creating an account on Rankwizard, we must create a site name and then we are provided with two credits to use as a free user of the service.

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Then we create a new article and give the input as asked by the AI. Such as; the language of the article, target country, image generation, word count, and the intent of the article. We can choose images for our article from stock photos, or AI-generated ones, and as per our need and target region choose the country and language.

benefit of AI
Rankwizard AI

After giving those inputs we can choose the ending of the article i.e., with key takeaways or with frequently asked questions. And related to the articles and as per our keyword research we can suggest the AI with required topics and it will generate the contents accordingly. After two to five minutes, our articles will be ready to be published. We can download the articles in ZIP files or CVS files and edit them as per your need.

Go and check out the website, Rankwizard for yourself and get the benefit of its service. Do come back if you have any suggestions.

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