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How to use Canva ? (The best design tool)

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Canva Is the Best Design tool to increase your productivity. It helps unlock our creativity without any difficulty. we just need to drag and drop and edit to create any kind of design. We don’t need to remember different tools to create any design which makes it very much user-friendly.

Let’s Learn to Create a Blog Banner using the best design tool Canva:

First, let’s create a free account in Canva. After signing up let’s go to Custom a Design.

AS you can see I use the pro version so I can use every feature.

After clicking on Create a Design you enter Blog banner and Enter. then you will see many templates which are already created and are free to use. some are pro version only which means you need to pay to use them.

Select a template or create one and download it. Its very simple.

and you will get your blog banner in just a few minutes.

Canva also has a very awesome and unique feature that is background remover. it removes the background of any image in just a few seconds. you will be amazed by seeing the feature and how perfect it works. you should try Canva. It allows us to create a YouTube template, Youtube intros and outros, It also allows us to create ebooks, posters, infographics etc.

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Canva can design everything you will ever need to grow online. Instagram posts, stories, reels everything. Its like a all in one tool for designing.

Watch The Video and see for yourself.

Canva also allows to create free website or landing pages for affiliate marketers.

Don’t forget to comment or mail me at if you have any doubt and also allow the notification for future blog updates and many more. Happy Readings.

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