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How To Create a Website without coding?

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Why create a website anyway?

A website is an online page where anyone who has access to the internet can visit your page, read your content, and interact with you. It is a medium to communicate with the world from every corner. Majorly we create websites as a passive income source. See the thing is, at first, You create a website, add valuable content on that website and then monetize it with Google AdSense or affiliate links. Its acts as a landing page. Today we will learn how to create a website without coding.

Many don’t create a website because they think website developing/ creating requires an enhancement and detailed knowledge about programming languages like Html, CSS, and many more. in some sense, it is true a few years it was not possible to create a website without coding knowledge but today anyone can create a website in just a few minutes by just dragging and dropping. I know this sounds like spam but it’s not. Let me tell you the things you need to build a website for yourself without coding.

At first, you need at least 1400Rs Nepali, if you live in Nepal or about 3$-4$ if use Dollar. You need to pay yearly payment costs to our hosting providers. After you have this money, the next thing you need is a laptop and working & stable internet. Now let’s get started with the steps:

Selecting a Niche for our website:

Niche means a particular topic, let’s say electronic devices used in the kitchen, kitchen appliances or dogs, about their bread, what they should eat what they should not and all or many be our niche can be about female accessories like bags, clothes, etc or games/ sports and many more. You can choose anything and write about anything but having a particular niche categorizes our website content on the internet directory. So yeah, choose a Niche at first, if you have difficulty choosing then start writing about yourself, kind of like a diary, because who does not want to read other diaries? After selecting a niche let’s say it’s about electronic appliances, we will proceed to the next step.

How to create a website without coding

Domain Name:

In a second step we will think about our domain name, what’s a domain you say? A domain is the address or name of your website, that people will use to search for your website. For example,, and are domain names. Similarly, we need to give our website a name that suits our niche. For that, You will go to,, or and find the domain name which is available, not taken by anyone, and matches our niche. While brainstorming for a website/domain name you should consider these things:

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  1. Unique
  2. Short and easy to remember
  3. Represents your website

Select a hosting provider:

Now that You have our domain name, we need to buy that name or register it to ourselves before anyone else buys it. There are multi platforms from which we can buy hosting for our domain names. Hosting also known as web hosting is a service-providing organization or firm that maintains our website and its technical parts for a certain fee that we pay each year. It’s like buying/renting a house in the online world. The web hosting service providing companies are Namecheap, Bluehost, GoDaddy, Nest Nepal, Hostinger, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and many more. If you are a resident of Nepal, I recommend using Nest Nepal, it’s the best hosting service provider. This website is also hosted by Nest Nepal. Choose whichever service provider you like the best. If you need me to write about each of these hosting providers, their strengths, and their weakness, just comment below. 

Setup our website:

Now the most fascinating part It’s where the magic happens and You will create a website without coding or programming. You will choose a platform for website development after buying the domain name. The most popular platform is WordPress.

How to create a website without coding

The hosting company will provide you with your cPanel and WordPress id and password using which you will configure your website.

You will have to install a theme using WordPress search that has a high loading speed and is simple and easy to use, for example, Neve, Elementor, etc for free. Those themes will have pre-existing categories, heading, etc.

After selecting the theme, we need to edit our website header, footer, website logo, description, and additional information about our website.

Add contents:

After the website is set up, You need to add content for the website to gain visitors and traffic which will help us grow and earn. Now You have selected the topic of electronic devices, so at first, You need to look at what people are searching for regarding our niche, for that you can check my previous blog on how to never get out of content ideas.

How to create a website without coding

After selecting and organizing your content topic/ideas, You need to write a proper SEO article that will rank us on google search pages. You can install the Yoast SEO plugin which suggests your article’s SEO rank and ways to improve them. For detail, you can check the How to write SEO Content guideline.

Monetize the website:

When you have about 16-18 articles on your website, you can apply for google AdSense. Many don’t get approved at first due to the following mistakes:

  1. Adult Content
  2. Low Content
  3. Plagiarism
  4. Continuous applying

If you have not done any of the mistakes mentioned above on your website, it will be approved by Google AdSense in about a week or two. Don’t apply continually if you have not received any rejection or approval main from Google.

Another way of Monetization is using Affiliate links for the website. If your niche is about physical products, you can become an Amazon, Flipkart, or Daraz affiliate and promote those links through your content. And if you are promoting services, you can join affiliate programs from My Affiliate Table which are free to join for any beginner and promote them.

Getting traffic and marketing the website:

Now that our website is monetized, You need traffic and visitors who can become our future converts or click on those links and help us grow and earn. Many people use google search to find products and services and blogs are still considered more trustworthy.

You can increase traffic on the website by writing SEO content and ranking on google searches or running ads for our website, there are free ways to increase traffic such as creating social media platforms and sharing with friends and families, joining a group on Facebook or Quora and promote your link. Create a Pinterest board, with images of your product or service and add them with links to your website.

So, what are you waiting for, go on and create your website, monetize it, and start earning passive income, if you have any confusion on how to create a website with coding then mail me at

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